Describe the type of student who should not attend Layton High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Layton High School, Class of 2016

The type of students that should not attend Layton High School, are the students who do not want to try, as well as students who only want academics out of their school, and little fun. Most of the teachers at Layton, if not all of them, expect each student to put forth their best effort. The teachers show up to school, early, all the time to help students understand concepts that are being taught. The teachers also stay during lunch and after school to help their students. As long as a student is willing to try the teachers are willing to help. However, Layton High School is always trying to find new ways to make school exciting. Each assembly is full of interesting and quite unique activities. Layton High honestly tries to create a fun environment, outside of class time. The activities at assemblies, during lunch, and after school are usually creative and exciting to go to. This aspect makes going to school a little easier, knowing that Layton is also about having fun and reducing stress through their activities. If you do not want to put forth an effort, or simply want a school with less activities and a tight grip on academics, Layton High is not the school for you.

Anonymous, Student, Layton High School, Class of 2016

No student should not go to Layton High School. We have a diversity of students and every student feel's welcome at Layton High. We have great teachers and faculty who love teaching and are always willing to help out the students.

Anonymous, Student, Layton High School, Class of 2018

Students that like to argue don't do well here, or anywhere. Layton High School is tolerant as long as you tolerate us. Debate is different, debate is discussion, that is welcome. Arguing is the step before the fight, and no one wants to fight in school. Not only does it make you enemies, but it also takes away the losers point of view and that shouldn't happen because they might have had a really sweet idea. If someone wants to be unwelcome, they can argue without being provoked.

Anonymous, Student, Layton High School, Class of 2017

The person who should not attend Layton High is the slothful human, the one who misses class, fails to accomplish assignments, and they whom are disrespectful to their peers and teachers. It is a place of order and the place to which brings up the nations next wave of thinkers, doers and planners; in other words, act mature. However restrictive I make it sound, it is a great place for fun and opportunity with all the club's, sports and wonderful teachers. Concluding, I recommend that those who aren't thinking about their future seriously to not attend Layton if they are seeking the easy way out, reevaluate life and reorganize.

Anonymous, Student, Layton High School, Class of 2016

A student who is not appreciative of their school and the education it provides for them should not attend Layton High because they are not realizing the impact high school can have on their life and the experiences they will have there.

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