What is a typical Rocky Mount Preparatory student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Rocky Mount Preparatory.


Anonymous, Student, Rocky Mount Preparatory, Class of 2016

A student focused on enhancing their learning experience, through modern technology. I, myself see Rocky Mount Preparatory as a way to prepare for college through a strong learning foundation that helps others as well as myself. Here at RMPS there is a community of caring friends, teachers and family.

Anonymous, Student, Rocky Mount Preparatory, Class of 2017

Well I am not a person that will say everything is perfect but i will say it is a student dressed in a uniform he/she come to school put his or her book bag and coat in the locker and wait until it is time to start class. Most students have lab in the morning and classes in the evening but some students have class in the morning and evening. Although some students goof off the ones that is serious focus on the work given and have a ordinary day. Where as a student that should attend just be the person who is hardworking, come to school positive, go straight to work once school have started (don't worry we have fun most of the time). You will have the best four years of school if you would just stay on task and do what needs to be done.

Anonymous, Student, Rocky Mount Preparatory, Class of 2017

If I had to describe a type of person who takes up all resources around him/her and use it to their advantage, then that person will fit perfect at Rocky Mount Prep. Rocky Mount Prep extends from K-12, and is slightly rigorous to start with. But Rocky Mount Prep would and will be excellent for anyone who chooses to preeminent in academics. At Rocky Mount Prep you could graduate early, perform in AP, IB, Honors courses and other classes, such as Internship and Entrepreneurship. You could show colleges/universities superlative capabilities, and find your true self within.

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