Would you recommend attending Clover High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Clover High School, Class of 2016

Yes, I would recommend attending Clover High School. I personally transferred to the school for the start of my junior year from a school located in Charlotte, North Carolina and without a doubt the entire atmosphere of Clover is astonishingly different. Walking through the halls is more personable, the students are more closely knit, and academically i feel as though i am reaching my full potential. Students who feel like just a number within their school or wish to feel like more than a number in their upcoming high school would absolutely feel welcome at Clover. It being only my second year i can say that administration knows who i am, how to help me and overall what is best for the students. As a student who feels the need to academically excel, i can say anyone looking for a welcoming environment with overall academic accomplishment Clover High School is where its at. Go Blue Eagles!

Anonymous, Student, Clover High School, Class of 2018

Of course! I love the school, and the whole district either has Ipads or Mac's which gives opportunity to a whole new learning tool. I have never been to a school where a teacher is so involved and so outgoing.

Anonymous, Student, Clover High School, Class of 2016

I would definitely recommend Clover High School because the facility and staff and willing to help you if you don't understand something. We, Blue Eagle Nation, are a family. Clover High School is not just a high school you go to there for 4 years and forget about. Everyone is welcome to Clover High School and that is what makes it such a wonderful high school.

Anonymous, Student, Clover High School, Class of 2015

Yes, Clover High School is in the middle of a growing town where everyone knows each other and the people here are always kind. Teachers and students make everyone feel welcome and both offer help when needed.

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