What is a typical Guajome Park Academy Charter student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Guajome Park Academy Charter.


Anonymous, Student, Guajome Park Academy Charter, Class of 2016

The majority of us have been on the same campus since 6th grade continuing to 12th, and it would be foolish to claim this hasn't affected what the average student looks like. In fact, in our school, every person is so different there is no accurate average I could explain. There is an openness between the students that wouldn't be found in a traditional high school. In all levels of the high school, there is a general support and acceptance of background and lifestyle choices. So much time spent together, in a school that emphasizes academics and where sports lay in the backdrop, has turned us into a very forgiving group of teenagers (surprising, considering teenagers are supposed to be full of angst and self immersed). It, by no means, implies we don't occasionally bite and hiss at each other with words or that personalities don't clash, but over all the social climate is a consistent calm, comfortable cool. It takes a special kind of person to stay at the school, in our school there is no way to fade into obscurity or hide in masses. Everyone knows everyone, and an individual attending the school needs to be comfortable with that idea. It is also highly competitive in the academic sense, and to succeed in Guajome you have to come in willing to put an effort forth in the classroom. An outgoing person, or someone who wants to learn to be, should attend the school. Whether you like it or not, you will be presenting and speaking in front of the class very frequently; it's definitely not for the faint of heart. If the individual is interested in IB, then this is the school to attend. The teachers are very passionate about their work and what they do, and the IB classes touch on a wide range of subjects. To be a student at Guajome, it takes a special person, but for some it is an excellent choice in a high school education.

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