What is a typical Pomperaug Regional High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Pomperaug Regional High School.


Anonymous, Student, Pomperaug Regional High School, Class of 2016

Overall, the two main aspects of attending this school consist of personal academic achievement and respect or tolerance toward all students, no matter one's differences or personal beliefs. All opinions are treated with acceptance. The principal designed many interactive activities where the entire student body collaborated amongst each other, sharing ideas for a better school environment. Next, we attempted to apply them to everyday situations, so that our school is recognized not just from an academic temperament, but also from a productive and cooperative one. This would include not discriminating an individual if he or she seemed to be excluded from a larger group(s). Our professors want a student to achieve greatness by displaying their knowledge in the classroom, and applying such content to a relevant activity or course of action outside the classroom that benefits the school as a whole.

Anonymous, Student, Pomperaug Regional High School, Class of 2015

Though it's on the larger side, a typical Pomperaug student is very friendly and is part of a tight-knit school community. They are highly aware of the outside world and the various issues that plague it. They are always willing to help someone in need - whether someone asks them or not.

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