Would you recommend attending Thomas Jefferson High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Thomas Jefferson High School, Class of 2016

For me, being able to attend TJ has been a dream come true. One of the best reasons to attend TJ is the rigorous curriculum and competitive environment it fosters. The school offers a plethora of college-level courses, especially in math and the sciences. In addition to the regular courses, the school offers 15 specialized research labs covering a broad range from astrophysics to neuroscience. These are a distinguishing characteristic of TJ, and allow students to question what they're learning in their regular courses through these lab opportunities. One of the unsung benefits of attending TJ is the amazing staff. Many of the teachers hold post-doctorates in their area of expertise, so the knowledge one can glean simply from talking to them is nearly infinite.

Last but not least, TJ offers more than 200 extracurricular activities and an eighth-period system allowing students to explore various clubs in school hours. Some of the activities are competition-oriented such as Varsity Math Team and Physics Team, while others are service-oriented such as National Honor Society and the Big Sibs program. TJ is really a wonderful place for those who want to grab plenty of unique opportunities in a high school setting.

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