Which 3 extracurricular activities at Academy of Our Lady of Peace are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Academy of Our Lady of Peace, Class of 2016

Spring Sing is one of the most popular activities at OLP. It is a musical competition in which each of the four classes prepares a 20 minute skit/musical on a certain theme, and each class competes for best script, costumes, songs, dancing, etc. Almost the entire student body is involved, and it would be rare to find an OLP student who has not participated for at least one year.

One of the most fun clubs at OLP is Writing Club, which is a group of students dedicated to sharing and celebrating creativity through words, both spoken and written. The club meets once a month to discuss writing techniques, to write collaborative short stories or poems, or to play fun group writing challenges. They even have a Harry Potter tribute day with a House Cup tournament! Writing Club also sponsors the Literary Magazine, which is a great opportunity for both writers and artists to share their work with the whole school.

I'd recommend Book Club as another fun club, but I may be biased as I love language arts and writing as well as reading. They read a novel and a shorter story or poem each month, and host discussions, quizzes, and other activities, including a book raffle. It's a great time, and the librarian is super nice. Book Club also hosts the Battle of the Books reading competition that started last year, where teams read a list of 9-10 books and compete in a trivia tournament. It's always a lot of fun, and they always have snacks.

Anonymous, Student, Academy of Our Lady of Peace, Class of 2016

The most popular activity is Spring Sing, a musical competition put on by the four classes. Spring Sing is a musical production where each grade level elects their directors, costume designers, music coordinators, and choreographers to prepare their class to compete against the other classes. It's entirely student run and student directed, with minimal interference from faculty. The end result is a beautiful production at Balboa Theater, and so many talented actors, singers, dancers, and artists are involved. It's the biggest school tradition and lots of girls participate every year. Other than Spring Sing, I'd say that one of the best clubs is Writing Club. Even if writing isn't your strength, this club is full of inspiration and creative prompts. Writing Club is expanding really quickly because of its new school-wide Literary Magazine, Harry Potter celebration day, new zines, and great food. 10/10 recommend!

Anonymous, Student, Academy of Our Lady of Peace, Class of 2015

The most popular are Spring Sing (a tradition at the Academy), any team sport, and the BeYOUtiful Project (which just started this year). I'd recommend Spring Sing for any student and I'd also recommend getting involved in the theatre department.

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