What is a typical Ottawa University-Ottawa student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Ottawa University-Ottawa.


Anonymous, Student, Ottawa University-Ottawa, Class of 2015

Most students on campus are athletes, but if you aren't one, you will still find a place to fit in. Everyone is involved in something. It might be sports, or a academic club, music, theater, or student senate. I can't think of a single student that isn't a part of at least one team or organization. A student considering Ottawa University should realize that they cannot blend into the crowd here, the campus is just too small. Everyone knows everyone. They must also be friendly and courteous. There isn't any drama on campus, and people generally like each other. Chivalry is not dead in Ottawa, Kansas. The men hold doors for the ladies and it is expected to say please and thank you. The professors really get to know the students, so one must be able to keep and maintain a professional relationship with their teachers and classmates.

Anonymous, Student, Ottawa University-Ottawa, Class of 2018

The typical Ottawa student is someone who participates in sports, likes to be social and get out there, and also knows how to make the most of it of which this college has to offer.

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