Are all the public schools going to offer a STEM program in the state of Florida?


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All public schools in Florida are required to meet the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, which you can learn about on the Florida Department of Education website. This means that all public schools will offer courses in math and science.

If your question is whether or not all public schools will offer specialized STEM programs, or programs that allow students to concentrate exclusively on a STEM subject, I believe the answer is no. However, there are many school districts, especially in metro areas like Miami-Dade, that have recently pushed for STEM initiatives that are designed to expand and improve science instruction for public school students.

To learn more, I'd recommend calling the Florida state Director of STEM Programs, Jonathan P. Keener, at 850-245-0808, or emailing him at You can also peruse the Florida DOE website (linked above) to learn about additional STEM resources.

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