Asked about: Cambridge College

What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Cambridge College?


Anonymous, Student, Cambridge College, Class of 2018

If you are a working fault looking to further your education, who wants a small community of advisors and peers, and looking for an affordable college tuition.

Anonymous, Student, Cambridge College, Class of 2016

The professors also work at Harvard, Lesley, other surrounding colleges, so you are getting a great education for half the price. The night and weekend classes work well for someone with a typical 9-5. A lot of options

Anonymous, Student, Cambridge College, Class of 2016

Cambridge College is an opportunity for individuals to finally make the next step in their careers. These are individuals who are most likely already established and looking to achieve personal growth and professional development. This is a college for the person who thought they would never go back to school but found themselves unsatisfied with their position in life and are looking to make a change. Cambridge college is accessible, welcoming, and inspiring. I am proud to say that I am a part of such a vibrant community.

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