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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Patten University?


Anonymous, Student, Patten University, Class of 2017

  1. It's the least expensive accredited online program that I know of. All texts are available online through their library, too, so you get access to an amazing digital library as part of your tuition.
  2. You can study at your own pace--if you finish a class in a week you don't have to wait to move on, and if you have trouble with a class you can take longer on it.
  3. You can study wherever and whenever you want to--no commuting, no school clothes, no rush hour worries. All you need is internet access and a quiet place to take tests.
Anonymous, Student, Patten University, Class of 2016

Patten is a self-paced:

Students are given the opportunity to take as many courses as they can within an allowed term.

Patten is intentional:

Our Academic Advisors are with you from Orientation to graduation (and boy do they love follow up). Our Academic Advisors are committed to our success. Our Academic Advisors establish professional and academic relationship with their students, provide positive feedback, and keep us reminded of our end goals. The degree.

Patten is for everybody:

Patten is designed for the working student. Patten is not about having it's student rack up loads of debt in order to obtain a degree. They think that's silly. So they cut out the middle man and intentionally lowered the tuition cost in that students might obtain a degree and relish in that joy alone, rather than the burden of debt.

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