What is a typical DeVry University-Colorado student like? Describe the type of person that should attend DeVry University-Colorado.


Anonymous, Student, DeVry University-Colorado, Class of 2016

The typical student are usually those that have jobs that required them to be working during normal school hours, or those individuals who want to attend college but don't want the full classroom experience.

Anonymous, Student, DeVry University-Colorado, Class of 2018

DeVry University of Colorado is such a unique program, that it is tailored to fit just about any student, as well as most degree programs. DeVry University works hard to accompany students with both online courses and on campus classes. They work hard to help you tailor a schedule as well as the best way to take your classes, to help you succeed in your degree program. No matter what degree of study you choose, their classes are made to help you get the most out of your schooling. they have professors who are active members in their study, and their classes are unique in a way that you learn everything needed in that degree. You don't have to worry about taking un-necessary courses, and spending money on courses that are not needed.

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