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What do you like about Xavier's campus and culture?


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We can find such sites very rare today that offers solution for the doubts of students. Here it discuss about some casual talks and otherwise experts are providing answers to the doubts of students. I am expecting more from city tour

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Amanda Mull, Xavier University

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Many thanks for introducing the Xavier University and its student life.

Anonymous, Fireboy & Watergirl

Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 1 - The guys try to demonstrate the skills of eloquence, often throwing out situational comments about everything around: "I see the fighter," "The watch at the door," "Watch out, the enemy!" Let them talk, if not for the monotonous voices of localizers and the fact that sometimes the phrases turn out to be completely out of place. You half a minute ago got out of the hot spot on the helicopter, and the nervous comrade, looking at the ground far under his feet, throws out: "Damn, they have reinforcements in the cars! Beware! "

But the worst thing when you get a job execution condition which - reticence, these fools, crouch and sneak into the enemy pinned down on his stomach. What to say, no interesting tactical plans to realize such friends in the company will not succeed.

Of course, from this problem there is salvation in the form of a cooperative. But sometimes the usual story NPC spoils the passage. You carry out a mission to accompany a man to the airport, and at the last moment, when one guy has already climbed into the helicopter, he suddenly turns around and runs back into the arms of dozens of enemies. There are no "checkpoints" inside the quests, so an unexpected suicide obliges you to repeat a dreary trip through the city again. And again, and again, because this hacker will hit the enemy's car a dozen times, fall on the asphalt and in hysterics will run where the eyes look. That is directly to the enemy's flies.

Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 1

And most importantly, in such situations, nothing depends entirely on us. You go for the NPC, formally guarding it, but in fact the rules dictate randomness. The benefit of such missions is not enough. But there are enough other unforeseen reasons that complicate the passage. Sometimes the task can not be performed because ... there is no goal! That is, some objects and people just do not load. In the emptiness there is a task icon, but there is nothing under it, and it is impossible to interact with these non-existent objects. Because of such technical flaws it is necessary to pass the level anew.

All the missions in Ghost Recon and so are variations of the same pattern. Yes, this is a typical "Grindilka" from Ubisoft : the game card is teeming with hundreds of points with recurring events.

Stop the columns of cars, steal intelligence and steal helicopters - the first time it all fun. But when you see that the density of icons symbolizing all sorts of "secret files" and "interesting places" is such that the tip of the little finger can hardly fit between them when you realize that a perfectionist inside of you is waiting for hundreds of routine hours of removal from the map of all these points, you get tired before you get down to business. It is easier to sacrifice the development of the character than to once again embark on an endless dance.

Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 1

As with Ubisoft , the lion's part of the gameplay is devoted to the same type of activity. This time there were no towers, but it does not change the essence of the matter. The plot gameplay in general also fits into one scheme, which is a bit like Mafia III : we come to the district, school hard, until the local criminal baron discovers himself, and finally we eliminate one of the cones of the cartel. Repeat procedure n-dtats time.

If in Far Cry 3 there was a campaign offering unique missions and situations around which side missions were gradually unfolding, then, on the contrary, everything revolves around "grind" mechanics. Including the script, which has nowhere to create even a small intrigue, even one bright character.

Each section of the map has a separate story about finding and eliminating a member of the drug cartel. But, firstly, you understand that regardless of what you hear, you will have to do what you have done a dozen times, and secondly, nobody causes interest: neither you nor those you hunt. The cartel "acquaintances" with the user a few minutes before they are killed - they have neither a person nor a character.

Although sometimes some heroes manage to take advantage of the five-minuteness assigned to them in the frame and dilute the ubiquitous military pathos with a dramatic dialogue. So, in the basement of the base of the love couple Yuri and Polito, before you start a bloodbath, you can overhear a conversation in which the lady, right during the torture of the poor guy strapped to the chair, informs the hubby about her pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are very few such moments in the game.

Nevertheless, it can not be said that Ubisoft negligently treated the universe. When you hear a story about how an ambitious bandit created a whole criminal state in the starting video, and our secret detachment played an important role in the Moscow coup of the early 1990s, you realize that everything is serious here - Fireboy & Watergirl game.

Judge on the extraordinary abilities of warriors can already be assigned to them the mission - to clean the whole drug cartel. The volume of work, to put it mildly, is considerable, and considering that all "citizens" are accustomed to keep the machine from the diapers, the original approach of the US military ministry to the solution of foreign policy problems is admirable.

Here there are excellent videos for each member of the cartel, which give at least some idea of ​​the characters and their field of activity. There is a radio on which both members of the organization and rebels broadcast, which sheds light on events from several angles. Important "talking" design locations and premises - so, the bloodthirstyness of the cartel is recognized by hundreds of people hanging in the district.

If you put together all the videos, you get a good such encyclopedia of drug business. The problem is that this encyclopedia is not interactive. Developers have tried to work the world, but he reveals behind the scenes. Because of the lack of points of contact between him and the protagonist in the gaming experience, the elements of the narrative are not felt as a single whole. We are destroying the whole criminal organization, but each our success does not affect the world, but is reflected only by ticking the list of tasks. We are told about the exploitation of the population, but the population itself does not really exist. We learn a lot of facts about the bandits, but only when the gun is already rested against their temple.

The character in the dossier and in reality are two different people. And after all, I wanted to see a few scenes with the participation of Grandfather - the legendary Bolivian cocalero. World of Wildlandsnot alive, but also not dead. In his back room there is a lot of expensive scenery, but they forgot to bring it to the stage. In the dressing room many actors sit, but nobody can appreciate their talent, because the director gave the audience a performance program and felt that this was enough.

Nevertheless, even these disadvantages are not so catastrophic. Moreover, they are in some sense justified. After all, the open world gives way to tactical gameplay in the cooperative - the one for which everything in general is started.

That you understand: to receive unique experience from Ghost Recon it is possible, but only at game with friends. The latter should be very serious. Random search will often offer you companions who do not feel light feelings from the prospect of minutes to lie in the grass, sending drones to study the opponents and the trajectories of their movement.

In many ways the gameplay Ghost Recon: Wildlands similar to Far Cry 3 / 4 . You can clear an enemy camp both in open combat and imperceptibly, marking targets with binoculars. If you decide to play in the first style, then you will not be able to experience the cooperative specificity of Wildlands. Only a high level of complexity, on which the enemies shoot accurately and kill often, will force you to resort to the implementation of complex tactical plans.

The monotony of tasks is compensated by a variety of locations, each of which will require a new tactical approach from you. Drones marking enemies, synchronized murders, stealth - all these things become a necessity at the highest level of complexity. Here, you will need the skills of the game team and coherence of actions.

Gameplay Wildlands , despite all its shortcomings, is capable of capturing, but only players with specific tastes. It all depends on your priorities. "Casual Arma " - if your hearing does not hate anything in this phrase, you can try.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands - the project is largely amazing. Developers were able to make a big and beautiful world filled with stupid opponents, an uninviting plot and cars with clumsy physics. If you go campaign alone, you are unlikely to be impressed by something other than the work of artists. Co-op mode, coupled with the correct tactical gameplay can create a lot of non-trivial situations and give joy from successful team action. In general, whether you like the game or not - depends on your preferences and way of passing.

Admitsee student at Xavier, Xavier University '16

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After growing up on the west coast for almost 19 years I was excited to see what the Midwest and other parts of the country had to offer. Since I had gone to Catholic school my whole life and a Jesuit high school, the Jesuit Catholic environment at Xavier made my school experience very comfortable and reminded me of home. But at the same time I was in a brand new part of the country and life outside the classroom was very different. One aspect of the culture in Cincinnati as well as the rest of the Midwest I took immediate notice of was the hospitality. Most students I had met seemed to come from very nice family backgrounds and were raised right. Once Easter came around I could not fly home for the holidays a friend from Cincinnati took no hesitation in inviting me and two other students to his house for the weekend and the holiday. I have met some amazing people at this school and the hospitality of my friends and their families never ceases to amaze me. Xavier is great school filled with great people and I would love to give back to this community one day.

garrett.collins.10, Xavier University '16

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Xavier is located in Norwood, Ohio, right near Cincinnati. It is in a great location because it is right in the middle of everything, Columbus, Dayton, and Lousiville are all short drives away so there is always something to do. The best thing about Xavier's culture is the accepting and outgoing attitude's of everyone who comes here. It doesn't matter race or religion, the people here are very accepting and encouraging towards anyone they meet.

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