What does the Infinite Campus sign-in page mean by "District ID"?


Anonymous, Infinite Campus is a web-based student information system

Infinite Campus is a web-based student information system that provides instant and real-time information to those users with an internet connection who have students in our schools. Additionally, Infinite Campus is a family-based system, best assignment writers which means parents/guardians can each have their own log-in to view information for all of their students.

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The school district ID usually refers to a state issued number used to organize and identify school districts. William E Orr Middle School is in the Clark County School District, for which the State District ID is 02. I found this information on the National Center for Education Statistics. The NCES also keeps IDs for every school district. Clark County's NCES ID is 3200060.

For information specifically on how to find and enter your district's ID into the Infinite Campus program, check out this instructional video. If you'd like additional information, feel free to call the school directly at (702) 799-5573.

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