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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Calvin College?


Anonymous, Student, Calvin College, Class of 2018

Calvin is a great college because it has a small body but vast recources. It also has a Christian focus on everything. You get a great education

Anonymous, Student, Calvin College, Class of 2019

  1. The college is smaller than most so if you like smaller classes and a medium sized campus Calvin is a good fit.
  2. All the staff and professors are very encouraging and give a lot of resources to help their students in any ways they can.
  3. Calvin is very community life oriented so they many events to get involved in and opportunities to meet everyone.
Anonymous, Student, Calvin College, Class of 2018

1 . Affirm their faith in the Jesus, Lord and Savior. 2. Learn cross cultural perspectives during the study abroad interim or semester 3. Become proficient in critical thinking in preparation for future occupations

Anonymous, Student, Calvin College, Class of 2018

  1. Pursue an excellent, rigorous education.
  2. Grow spiritually and learn to integrate faith into one’s daily life and career.
  3. Build life-long relationships with professors and peers who will challenge one to dare, dream, and stretch oneself.
Anonymous, Student, Calvin College, Class of 2019

The #1 reason someone should attend Calvin would be to learn about Christianity or to strengthen the faith they already have. The Christian community at Calvin is extremely supportive. Dorm Bible studies, all Christian professors and daily chapel are just a few of the resources available to those interested in the Christian faith. The #2 reason why somebody should choose Calvin as their school is the educational facilities. Calvin's statistics on graduation rates and success after graduation speak for themselves. 99% of Calvin graduates are employed or in graduate school within a year of departing from the school. The professors, unlike those most public schools with graduate programs, are extremely interested in seeing their undergraduate students succeed beyond expectation. Free tutoring, paper-writing help, internships, and the professors' office hours are all available for students who want to be the best they can. As a computer science student, I was particularly interested in the fact that Calvin's supercomputer was used by many other well-known schools around Michigan, including the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, for many years. This once again points to the valuable educational resources that Calvin prides in. The #3 reason why students should consider Calvin College is because of its sports facilities. Calvin has won 10 NCAA Division III national championships with their volleyball, basketball, cross-country and ice hockey teams. Around 50% of the students participate in intramural sports. The Calvin-Hope rivalry games are some of the biggest events of the school year. Although Calvin doesn't have a football team, their team pride shines through in their accomplishments with the other sports. With teams like these, who needs football anyway?

Anonymous, Student, Calvin College, Class of 2018

  1. To get a fantastic degree from fantastic teachers- the small class size at Calvin enables students to interact much more with the professor. 2. To find life long friends- although I only knew a few of the incoming class freshman year (in a class of around one thousand), I found an amazing group of people I now call family. 3. To become immersed in the world- Calvin college has one of the top international programs in all of America, each year hundreds of students live abroad and thousands visit during interim.
Anonymous, Student, Calvin College, Class of 2018

The people and professors are wonderful and supportive, the campus is beautiful and easy to navigate, and the programs are intense but rewarding.

Anonymous, Student, Calvin College, Class of 2018

Calvin is culturally aware, they size is less intimidating, and there are many opportunities to travel abroad.

Anonymous, Student, Calvin College, Class of 2018

  1. Everything is God centered. Where ever a person is in his or her faith, Calvin college is a great place for growing. The classes all incorporate God, there is chapel monday-friday and Loft chapel
  2. The student body is diverse. The student body has a wide range of people from all over the world and even if some of the people are from the U.S. everyone has a different point of view, which is embraced here at Calvin.
  3. The Profs care. The Professors want to get to know you better and make an effort to actually know each of this or her students.
Anonymous, Student, Calvin College, Class of 2017

Amazing academics- classes are very hard though! Integrated Faith based learning Great, accepting, and diverse community

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