What is a typical Louisiana School for Math Science and the Arts student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Louisiana School for Math Science and the Arts.


Anonymous, Student, Louisiana School for Math Science and the Arts, Class of 2017

A Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) student is someone who is open-minded, socially/culturally aware, self-driven, and independent. LSMSA is a selective, state-funded boarding school. The school only takes in the brightest minds from the application process, and even then, sometimes being brainy is not enough to keep a kid at the school. We all come from different backgrounds, different school systems, different upbringings, different families, different religions, what have you. We don't have a "typical" student. The ideas and personalities that roam the halls of the dorms and the academic buildings are as diverse as a high school in the Southern United States can get. I student must being willing to open their minds to new cultures and lifestyles, and be willing to educate others on their own way of life to do well socially at LSMSA.

 There are lots of challenges that come with living on your own as a teen. Everyone has their own unique set of struggles and successes when they come here. Some kids have learn how to clean their own clothes for the first time (usually through misguided, yet retrospectively hilarious, trail and error). Some kids have to learn how to study, ask for help, and manage time in a manner that was often predetermined for them when they lived at home. We don't have an parental figure right behind us at all times, so we all have to learn healthy, new methods to stay motivated that are simultaneously not self-deprecating or emotionally damaging. Being a student at LSMSA is admittedly an experience more cut-out for the stronger-willed teenager who isn't afraid to mess up a few times in hopes of getting things right in the end.

Every person that has walked in and out of this place has taken/will take valuable lessons from it. If a prospective (or current) LSMSA student isn't open to new ideas and new people, or facing new problems and asking new questions, then they'll be old news. Being here builds character, but a student has to be willing to open the foundation of their minds and hearts and let themselves be rebuilt by the people around them.

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