My son will soon turn 3yrs old. I just want to see if I can enroll him in the program and how much will it cost me. I work from 9 to 5.00pm?


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I found this site to be helpful. (Taken from site)

Holy Rosary School is a community-based provider for the NYC Department of Education Pre-K for All (PKA), a free, full-day, high-quality program for NYC children who will turn four in 2016. While our PKA program is a part of our school, PKA follows the curriculum and guidelines of NYC DOE. Religion is not a part of the program.

Application to PKA opens Jan. 25th and can be done online at; over the phone at 718-935-2067 or in person at Family Welcome Centers until March 4th. The 2016 New York City Pre-Kindergarten Directory for Staten Island is available from Holy Rosary PKA and school offices. The directory explains the procedures and documents needed in order to enroll a child in a PKA program. Children must be immunized as compliance with the the NYC Department of Health.

Holy Rosary School has five KA classes lead by experience pre-k teachers and teaching assistants. Our classrooms are attractive, child-centered and safe environments. We adhere to the standards of the New York State PreKindergarten Common Core Foundations. Children are nurtured in a welcoming setting that allows them to explore, develop and grow to be ready for Kindergarten.

Our PKA program is open Monday - Friday from 8:10am - 2:30pm. A fee-based after school program is available for PKA children until 6pm.

As far as the fee, I would suggest calling (718) 447-1195 to get specifics.

Good luck!

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