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Do you teach life skills to your students?

I am looking for a school for my granddaughter who is Autistic. The school she is going to now is not providing her the proper education.


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Fortunately, Easter Seals does offer life skills development courses. The classes are mostly geared towards adults; however, there is also a school for children and an array of other resources for parents, family members and students alike.

If Easter Seals doesn't meet your needs you can look for other schools and resources in Sarasota on the Noodle School Finder. Specifically, you may want to check out Beyond the Spectrum. Another good resource is All About Sarasota Kids.

You can learn more about supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders by visiting Noodle. It contains articles and advice from both parents and education experts.

Best of luck finding the right school and the best resources! Don't hesitate to write back with more questions!

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