Describe the type of student who should attend Weber State University. Why?



In my personal opinion the type of student that would benefit from attending WSU would be one who likes to walk. The campus is huge and the parking is scarce so if you enjoy hitting that step goal daily and don't mind bringing your text books alone, WSU is perfect for you.


energetic and exsited to learn and also ready to meet new people and have some fun but still be able to do their school work.

Anonymous, Student, Weber State University, Class of 2020

Weber State University is a school of diversity, which I love about. There are many types of students that attend and I see them all around. It is pretty unique to witness and there are students who don't know yet what career or degree to pursue, some who are majored in what they are interested in doing after graduation. This school has a program for all majors. There is also an international center and multicultural center for students to be around the same ethnicity and also to learn about other countries. This school is all about giving students the opportunity to learn and people with more or less money attend.

Anonymous, Student, Weber State University, Class of 2017

Weber State caters to many types of students. Fresh out of high school? WSU is for you, been away raising a family and ready to finish school? Weber is for you. This is the one school that I feel like no matter your age, the students and teachers make you feel like you belong.

Anonymous, Student, Weber State University, Class of 2019

They should be a student who really wants to try hard in school so they can continue their education and get their degree.

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