What is a typical Christ The King Prepatory School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Christ The King Prepatory School.


Anonymous, Student, Christ The King Prepatory School, Class of 2016

A typical Christ the King student, would be a student that displays character, leadership, and have the ability to apply their skills to real life situations. If your a student that wants to go to college and wants a push or a glance in high school of how the college is going to be. Then, Christ the King is for you. I often tell students that Christ the King is what you make Christ the King to be. There's many opportunities in this school that any student can to take advantage of, to benefit their future. For example, the most important and unique aspect about this school is the partnerships we have with many corporate companies. The students have to work once or sometimes twice a week for four years at different corporate companies as an intern to help pay our tuition. Through this partnership, comes many opportunities for the students. This allows us to network and create relationships with supervisors or managers. Therefore, in the future the students will have a great resume and would probably be able to come back to the job while in college or after college depending on their performance. If a student wants to attend this school, they have to be ready for the challenges, ready to plan their future, and be ready live up to their purpose.

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