Would you recommend attending Abraham Lincoln High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Abraham Lincoln High School, Class of 2015

Without a breath to save, I would hundred percent recommend attending this school, for one purpose, coherency. Because the school is in the midst of a 'ghetto' community, the school is somewhat deprived of certain things. However, this is actually a advantage in disguise. With this surrounding, we learn as people and students that we are not to take things for granted and learn to become modest. Lacking something calls for a strong want of attention for others. In this case, our school is a place where it is very welcoming and loving. It is a place where students will call it a 'second place from home.'

Anonymous, Student, Abraham Lincoln High School, Class of 2017

Lincoln high school would be one of the top schools I recommend to other students. I have had the best two years of high school any one could ever have. The academic program is excellent and the extracurricular activities are meaningful in there own little way. There is no social class at Lincoln, everyone is accepted, and everyone is friends with everyone. I would recommend Lincoln mostly because of all the administrators and teachers. Every single teacher and administrator truly cares about you and your future. They push you to do your best and for that I will forever be great full.

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