Describe the type of student who should attend Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Hall. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Hall, Class of 2019

When I first visited Lauralton Hall, a sense of community and togetherness permeated around me. I felt that Lauralton was a place where everybody could be themselves, and saw that all the students seemed to support one another, were kind, and were motivated. I truly wish to be surrounded by people who are eager and ready to learn, while being generous, caring, and considerate. All of this adds up to a great school community where members can truly benefit from one another. This ideal is what a Lauralton student embodies. Someone is always there to brighten your day, smile, or lend a hand. Being a freshman, it can be intimidating coming to a new school. However, all the seniors, juniors, and sophomores were continuously very welcoming. I would have no problem asking a senior for help if I was in need; everyone is there to assist each other. I have made so many incredible friends at school that I know will last a lifetime. Lauralton students empower each other, and in essence, are all part of a big team. This leads to a happy and healthy school environment, one that I am so fortunate and proud to be a part of.

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