How do I know if this middle school will be the right place for my sister's son?


Will Carington, works for Noodle

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A difficult question, and an important one! Picking a school is a highly personal process which is based on a variety of factors – the school's location, size, curriculum, and environment are just a few examples of things to consider. I'd be happy to help you find more information about the school your nephew is considering, but unfortunately I don't know what school that is! To ask a question about a specific school, make sure your question is attached to the school's Noodle profile or that you include the name of the school in the body of your question. This will help us help you get the information you need.

For now, I can point you toward a few articles which offer some great advice about finding a school:

Hope this is helpful, and good luck with your search!

Dr. Aaron Smith, Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Currently Program Director at Aviation Academy, Co-Author of Awakening Your STEM School

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I always invite parents and student to get a tour of the school during the school year to see if they feel comfortable about the school. It is also important for the prospective students to see the children in the classes and engaged in the lessons. Another thing to consider is if the school is a magnet program that your child is interested in participating in as a student? Please let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be more than happy to help.

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