What is a typical Breckenridge High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Breckenridge High School.


Anonymous, Student, Breckenridge High School, Class of 2016

If you were to walk into Breckenridge High School, you would meet a group of polite and motivated students. In the small town of Breckenridge, we all become friends. The students are very motivated to earn good grades. They are also motivated in sports in which several students are a part of. When it comes to helping out the community with food drives, the students eagerly donate to an organization in need. If you are a person that wants to do your best, Breckenridge is a great place to be. Our student body is filled with a range of different personalities. You are bound to fit in at least one group. The students at Breckenridge are very open to anyone who comes their way.

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