Describe the type of student who should not attend Saint Louis Community College and explain why.



The type of student who wants to live on campus and be very involved in school activities should not go here. Being a community college, they don't have dorms. There are not a ton of things happening since all the students aren't there all the time. Activities that are happening are not well advertised so it's hard to find things going on. It's also not the right place for anyone who thinks community college is so much easier than a university. Many professors also teach or used to teach at universities like UMSL and SLU and don't go easy on students here.


Any student who is not looking to attend any classes, do any of the work, or care at all about their future should not attend this school. The programs that St. Louis Community College offers all require your fullest attention and hard work.

Anonymous, Student, Saint Louis Community College, Class of 2018

St. Louis Community College is meant for everyone with a desire to learn and know more. Recent high school graduates, current professionals wanting to move further in their career, and even someone who just wants to get their feet wet and decide if higher education is right for them. There is no student who should "not" attend STLCC, with the exception of those who simply choose that they do not wish to pursue higher education.

Anonymous, Student, Saint Louis Community College, Class of 2016

If a student is set on choosing a specific major and not shy away from that major, the Saint Louis Community College branches might not be the best fit for such a student.

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