Describe the type of student who should attend University of California-Davis. Why?


Anonymous, Student, University of California-Davis, Class of 2019

Students who are very passionate about environmental preservation, as our agriculture and animal science departments are great.

Anonymous, Student, University of California-Davis, Class of 2019

It has been half my first year at the University of California-Davis, and I already know what is expected of the students (including myself) attending here. This university accepts the top five to ten percent students globally, so please be aware of your academic and communal performance. The academic system here at Davis is structured in a trimester where there are three terms in a full school year. There are ten weeks in each of those three quarter seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring. The year goes by very quickly, so students should always do their best to consistently manage the workload of the courses they are taking. I strongly recommend that students interested in attending Davis right after high school should consider challenging themselves with college-level courses offered by Honor Programs like AP, International Baccalaureate, etc. in order to show how much potential they have in managing the intensive workload not normally offered to average high school students. Aside from looking over how active a student should be involved in one's school, extracurricular activities, clubs, and community--students planning to attend UC Davis should also be able to demonstrate how well they handle their schedules. Both the quantity and quality of the outcomes do matter in terms of college applications. Since Davis is a very fast pace academic university, each week requires at least thirty to forty hours of studying. Therefore, it is unarguably necessary that high school students attending UC Davis need to have a solid commitment in meeting the academic expectations. However, students should continue to be well-rounded, living a well balanced lifestyle healthy for sake of their physical, emotional, social and even spiritual state of being. Being heavily focused on school studies by itself is a very long-term unhealthy habit. I also see that students of UC Davis are very ambitious learners and seekers of their passion; eagerly trying to find who and what they are passionately shaped to care about most--whether that would be about about a problem, a purpose, a principle, or a group of people served by a teacher, doctor, engineer, etc. All in all, the type of student attending Davis should have a growth mindset instilled in all that they are doing as well as in all that they are, always being ready to learn from their mistakes for opportunities of growth; devising ways of living a more a manageable and efficient lifestyle that has not only a positive impact on oneself, but also upon the lives of one's community.

Anonymous, Student, University of California-Davis, Class of 2017

A student who is studious, ready to have a good time, eager to make new friends, and eager to enter a diverse community of really awesome people.

Anonymous, Student, University of California-Davis, Class of 2016

Someone who likes a quiet and friendly environment. Not much happens in Davis but it is safe and comfortable, if you want a place to just be yourself with less stress from an industrial college experience.

Anonymous, Student, University of California-Davis, Class of 2019

Attending UC Davis would fit the life of students who enjoy a laid back and relaxed environment. The student should admire the nature of Davis and be calmed by the not-so-city like atmosphere. The student is very open-minded to many new and different views on everything. He/she loves to socialize with other people, but might also enjoy just reading books in the library. They enjoy the coziness of a small town.

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