How many students actually graduate from a 4 year study and actually find a job in the career in which they majored?


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Good question, but keep in mind that a four-year school is not the same as a vocational school. Unless you are majoring in a pre-professional program (such as nursing or physician assistant), there isn't a guaranteed correlation between a student's college major and his/her intended career. This is especially true with a humanities; for example, an English major can go on to just about any career he/she chooses, thanks to strong writing and analytical skills honed by four years of reading and writing about literature.

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The answer can vary widely depending on the college and major in question.

Finding out how many students graduated in four years from a given school is relatively easy. On Noodle, data on graduation rates can be found in the "Alumni and Outcomes" section of a college's Noodle profile. For example, you can see that at the University of California - Berkeley, 72% of undergraduates completed their degree on time.

Determining what percentage of graduates go on to work in a job related to their major is less straightforward. Some majors are highly specialized, while others prepare students to pursue a wide range of career paths. To learn more, I'd recommend checking out Noodle's articles and advice about college majors. One article in particular that might interest you is: "Is a Four-Year Degree Worth It?"

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