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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Ripon College?


Anonymous, Student, Ripon College, Class of 2018

  1. Greek Life is highly involved on campus and being a member of Greek Life gives the student that "push" to be more involved and to become a better person.
  2. Ripon College values education greatly and the professors are always there to help you out (no matter how confused you are in class..weeks after class started--they do not judge you and are glad you asked for help sooner).
  3. From my experience, everyone was just so welcoming it amazed me. A friend of mine is transferring here because she was amazed at how welcoming the campus was to her when she stayed for a weekend--something she did not experience at her own college.
Anonymous, Student, Ripon College, Class of 2016

Someone should attend Ripon College if they want to go to a school in which they are more than a number. Ripon College and the faculty at the school care about each and every student while they are in the school as well as beyond. Someone should also attend Ripon College if they want to be involved in many different groups and activities while at school. All of the groups are very supportive with each other and know that being at Ripon means that you will be very involved. Another reason that one should go to Ripon College is to get a broad education in many different areas. An education at Ripon College means that you learn about many different disciplines. You must do this in order to get your degree at the college.

Anonymous, Student, Ripon College, Class of 2017

The top three reasons that someone should attend Ripon College are: 1. Personalized experiences. All professors know your name and you are likely to get an internship within a year or two of being at Ripon. 2. Opportunities. There are many opportunities at a D3 school like Ripon. Students are involved in multiple activities, clubs, sports, Greek life, etc. all at the same time. 3. Education. Students graduate in four years whether they have one major, two majors, two majors and multiple minors, etc. There are opportunities available directly after graduating and having a degree from Ripon opens many doors for alumnae.

Anonymous, Student, Ripon College, Class of 2018

  1. Students get to know their professors. This allows more success in the classroom, but also allows professors to write better letters of recommendation when applying for jobs or graduate school.
  2. It is not as intimidating for first year students to attend. College can be a scary, necessary endeavor. Ripon College gives you the experience of college without being intimidated by large lecture halls, being taught by someone who is not the professor, and getting lost on a large campus.
  3. Ripon College has a small campus with a small student body. This is advantageous to students because you get to know your classmates. This helps you form more connections to your classmates which can be beneficial in upper level classes when you may need someone to help you out. Having a small student body does not make it less likely to find friends. In fact, I probably have more friends and acquaintances on campus just because I see many of the same people in my classes.
Anonymous, Student, Ripon College, Class of 2018

If you are looking for a college that gives you that one on one interaction, or are looking to get help with your homework in any class, or maybe just do not like being in a huge community and are looking for something small, than Ripon College is the place for you.

Anonymous, Student, Ripon College, Class of 2018

The top 3 reasons someone should attend Ripon College would be because of the small class sizes, the togetherness of the students, and the ability to get to know faculty well.

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