I'm 31 years old and considering going back for a MBA degree. When I look at programs like Harvard, Stanford, and many of the other "top schools", I see that the average age is 27 or 28. I am wondering what sort of candidate USF attracts as I would like to be around peers with a little more experience?


Mary S Rosa, MBA

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Here are some details on the class profile....looks like its a little young as well but its known for having a lot of people with more experience:

Class Composition Male 56% Female 44%

Average Age 28 Age Range 23-42 International 35% US Domestic Minorities 23%

Industries Represented

Government and Nonprofit Administration 16% Computer Hardware and Software/Information and Tech Services 14% Financial Services/Banking 14% Sales and Marketing 14% Consumer Goods 6% Education Management 6% Manufacturing and Logistics 6% Construction 4% Import and Export 4% Real Estate 4% Other 12%

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