Would you recommend attending Stamford High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Parent of student at Stamford High School

No I would not recommend it. I don't think the public schools in stamford are very good anymore. SHS is undergoing a change. Until we see the change stick I would stay for away from it.

Anonymous, Student, Stamford High School, Class of 2019

I would definitely recommend Stamford High School if I had the choice. In fact, i did have the choice. Stamford, CT has around 10 High Schools that residents can attend. I was choosing between three different schools and decided on Stamford High. I am very pleased with this choice. Stamford High truly is a community and almost everyone is friendly. Plus, I am in all Honors classes, including one Advanced Placement, and I do not feel any ridicule at all. Stamford High is an honest place and people are free to do as they please.

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