What is a typical William Monroe High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend William Monroe High School.


Anonymous, yeeyeeboe

There's The Weeaboos, Cheerleaders, Baseball Jerks, The Ballerz, Band People, The Other Band People, Choir People, The Choir People That Can Actually Sing, The Gucci Gang (beware), The "I just shot me a 8-pointer last weekend" Clique, The Yee Yee Boys, The "I'm cool and like to blast my portable speaker with explicit music everywhere I go" Studs, The Hollow Barbies, Skippers, Potheads, You My Best Friend But Now You Dating My Ex Now Imma Fight You Girls, The Nice People, The Excessively Nice People, etc.,

The typical person at wmhs most likely forgot to enroll.

Anonymous, Student, William Monroe High School, Class of 2016

William Monroe High School is in the small town of Greene County. Many of the students wear camo, many are country, and very diverse.

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