Describe the type of student who should attend University of Maryland-Baltimore County. Why?



Anyone pursuing a STEM major should definitely consider UMBC. There are tons of different research and pre-profession opportunities. UMBC is mostly a commuter school, so if you live nearby and want the 'honors university' recongition and challenging coursework, UMBC is for you. UMBC is a smaller community, but there are tons of activities and groups ranging from international service trips to Greek life. I do not recommend anyone coming to UMBC for language studies specifically.

Anonymous, Student, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Class of 2018

The type of student that attends University of Maryland- Baltimore County must want to be involved in school activities as well as have a keen interest in academics.he/she must be book smart as well as able to network with different people.My school has a lot of school spirit so being a person that is easy going helps too.

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