Describe the type of student who should attend The University of Texas-Pan American. Why?



The type of students that should attend UTPA are the kind that are kind, generous, what to improve their knowledge with out going to an ivy league school. This school is a homey school, people here make you feel welcomed and the people who should attend here are those who help others who feel lost and need help. The type who should come here don't have to be extremely smart, ivy league smart, its more of the want to continue their education. Why? Because those are who, as a student here, would want in the upcoming students trying to decide where to go. Also those are the type of students who are here at this campus.

Anonymous, Student, The University of Texas-Pan American, Class of 2019

Any student should be able to attend this university whether it'd be a mother, a teacher going back for a higher degree, etc. If the student is committed to their lifes' work or future career, if they are determined for a better future for themselves and their family, then they should attend The University of Texas Pan-American because here is where it all starts with magnificent opportunities.

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