Would you recommend attending Fort Kent Community High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Fort Kent Community High School, Class of 2016

Unfortunately, Fort Kent Community High School, for myself and many others, is far from ideal. As an aspiring mathematician and musician, the available opportunities are near obsolete. This is in part due to the budget crises which have been taking place in the past few years. The music program has been completely terminated and the district's financial hardships have started the availability of challenging academic courses and extracurricular activities to decline. Just this past year, around ten teaching positions were eliminated from are small school due to the rejection of the town's budget. These issues have most to do with being in a rural area; the population of the region is dwindling and for someone who lives here, choices for high schools are few and far in between. For someone looking into this school, I encourage them to look into everything they have to offer. Surely, the setting will be sufficient for some people, and less so for other others.

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