Describe the type of student who should attend University of Nevada-Reno. Why?



The University of Nevada-Reno is a school that offers a tier one education at a relatively low cost compared to other tier one colleges. This university is a research university, so any student that is considering on attending this school should be prepared to participate in one of the many groundbreaking research opportunities that is offered. While academics may come first at Nevada, there are still a myriad of different clubs and extracurricular activities offered, so one should also be prepared to step out side their comfort zone and try new things because that is highly encouraged at this school.

Anonymous, Student, University of Nevada-Reno, Class of 2015

Characteristics of a student who should attend the University of Nevada-Reno are outgoing, hardworking, sociable, school-spirited, studious, positive, and on top of things. Those qualities make up the ideal student for this school. Most of the kids that go to school here socialize with other students and go to many events. Along with being outgoing, we are very positive and love our school! This school is one of the most spirited ones I have ever seen; as a community, we have a lot of pride for our school. This can be shown at our football games and many events going on throughout thee year. When it comes to classes, it's important to be hardworking and on top of things, that way you can still have a great college experience. If you can balance everything, then you'll have an amazing college experience!

Anonymous, Student, University of Nevada-Reno, Class of 2019

The type a student that should attend is a student willing to make the effort to put work in towards their degree.

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