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Describe the type of student who should attend Kean University. Why?



The type of student who should attend Kean should be someone who is looking for a diverse community as well as a welcoming, friendly environment to be around.

Anonymous, Student, Kean University, Class of 2019

The type of student that should attend Kean University is very motivated and goal oriented students. Also if you like very helpful and attentive professors you will love Kean. The campus is also very lively and full of people so if you are sociable this is the place for you and even if you aren't sociable and more on the shy side, you'll eventually become more sociable while you are at Kean.

Anonymous, Student, Kean University, Class of 2017

Students who want to achieve their goals especially in any area of life; and who are willing to work hard to obtain them.

Anonymous, Student, Kean University, Class of 2019

The type of student to attend Kean University should be driven but also focused. Keans environment isn't too hype and always busy. Our campus is a medium size where there are just enough people to interact nd meet but not over populated where it;s impossible to know anyone. To attend Kean, you would be a student who needs easily accessible professors and a class setting only mostly of 30 people or less creating more interactive learning. The student would need to possess introvert and extrovert characteristics because they ar3e both needed to mingle and interact with students nd faculty. People at Kean are not isolated, most students there can hold a conversation with anyone but also wouldn't mind spending some time alone. You would definitely need to be someone who is willing to learn about the campus and what it can offer you on your own. Someone who has reached out, networking and communication skills so therefore you can be in the know and not just attending a college you know nothing about. Also, the type of student who doesn't know too much or too little. And, if you don't want a hard rigorous challenge your first year but you don't want to settle for a community college Kean is right for you. I f you want to have a low-key balanced life, not too many activities and not too much work Kean is for you, it allows you to still work, party, take time out for school and leave you time to take care of you.

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