Describe the type of student who should not attend Sacred Heart Academy and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Sacred Heart Academy, Class of 2016

The other week I went with a friend to a new furniture store in the area. This wasn’t a normal furniture store, but one with a ropes course, zip lining, and rock climbing. When I arrived I was terrified. I was terrified but determined to have a good time. Then I found myself on the top of the course with two options: to jump down or to climb back down the way I came. I was afraid and a million things that could go wrong ran through my head. In my opinion, a person who chooses to climb back down in the face of their fears should not attend Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart is all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. This means taking harder classes, classes in new subjects or field, and trying new things outside of the classroom. If you chose to back down from your fears and stay within your comfort zone you will miss out on so many special experiences that make Sacred Heart worthwhile.

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