Describe the type of student who should attend Marquette University. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Marquette University, Class of 2018

The great thing about Marquette is how many diverse perspectives seem to find their way there. While I only have been there for a little over a semester, I have encountered people from all kinds of industries with all kinds of backgrounds and a wide set of aspirations. From a significant amount of international students to those driving in from chicago and all over wisconsin, to coworkers I never knew, what makes Marquette such a valuable program is multitude of perspectives you end up taking with you from it. For that reason, I think anyone and everyone with big dreams should find their way to Marquette.

Anonymous, Student, Marquette University, Class of 2019

The ideal Marquette student is someone who is open to new ideas and experiences and also willing to work toward their goals. Marquette will challenge you in the classroom and also in your everyday life, which will allow you to develop into the best possible human being you can be.

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