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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Ursinus College?


Anonymous, Student, Ursinus College, Class of 2015

One reason is our academics. We strive at our academics and this is one reason to attend this school. The professors at Ursinus care about there students and their education. Second reason is the staff, the staff here care about the students well being. Third reason is the students. Everyone at Ursinus are friendly to each other and care about each other. We all come together in rough times.

Anonymous, Student, Ursinus College, Class of 2019

Well, Ursinus has great educational programs with small classes, which was my number one reason why I am attending. Also, to partake in the arts, like dance, music, and theater, it does not have to be your major. You can just do it because it is your passion. Lastly, you should go there because it feels like home. When I visited there, my gut just told me this was the one place meant for me and I tried my hardest to show how dedicated I was.

Anonymous, Student, Ursinus College, Class of 2018

The community is small so it is much easier to become close to everyone. The classes are smaller so there is more room for discussions among students and the professor. The sciences are particularly strong. In fact the biology program was compared to that of Harvard University.

Anonymous, Student, Ursinus College, Class of 2017

I think the only good things Ursinus has is their pre-medical program and the safe community. Otherwise you need a car to do something fun and there is not a lot of school spirit.

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