What is a typical Batesville High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Batesville High School.


Anonymous, Parent of student at Batesville High School

Confident and competitive...culturaly diverse group of students. Even for a small town in Arkansas. out going and community oriented

Anonymous, Student, Batesville High School, Class of 2017

A typical Batesville High School student is very hardworking and motivated. We are very competitive, and usually A's are not enough; A+'s are a must. Sports-wise Batesville is the best around, so most students are athletic and disciplined. Anyone who wants to join Batesville had better be ready to join in lots of extracurricular activities, too. Choir, band, drama club, volunteering clubs, robotics club, we have them all. Everybody here is connected and friendly, and most people get along with each other. Basically, if anyone wants to join Batesville High School, they can prepare for the best experience of their life!

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