Describe the type of student who should attend University of Massachusetts Boston. Why?



Self-motivated students will be successful at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Unlike most college campus's, the University of Massachusetts Boston is considered a commuter school, which means there is no on campus housing. Students come from all over Massachusetts, some commute every day and others move closer by to shorten the commute. Whom ever you are, and where ever you are coming from, it is the self-efficacy of the individual student to succeed and prosper at Umass Boston. There are numerous opportunities and resources offered on campus and those driven to succeed will make use of all this wonderful school has to offer.

Anonymous, Student, University of Massachusetts Boston, Class of 2017

UMass Boston students are dedicated to learning not only to benefit themselves, but to make a difference in the world around them. UMass is dedicated to research and community work, so its students must be the same.

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