Describe the type of student who should attend Central Crossing High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Central Crossing High School, Class of 2017

The type of student that should attend Central Crossing High School, should be a unique and hardworking student. This is because the atmosphere of this school is very positive, and many of the students who attend this school genuinely care about their education.

Central Crossing is a very diverse high school. They are students with many different backgrounds who attend this school. Students come from all over the world. A very special attribute that Central Crossing maintains year after year, is the diversity of it's students. This is one of the reasons CCHS is so special.

When you walk into Central, there is one distinct quality that the student body has, and that is the value of their education. The type of student who should attend this school, would be one who takes education seriously and understands the value of a quality education. The students of Central Crossing High School are hardworking and determined students, making CCHS an attractive school to students who truly care.

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