Describe the type of student who should attend University of the Incarnate Word. Why?



The type of students that should attend University of the Incarnate Word is someone that is passionate about learning at an extraordinary campus. At University of Incarnate Word is ideal for students who do not want to be just a number at the school. The type of students that attend UIW enjoy smaller class environment and having opportunities getting to know their professors.


A good student to go to the University of the Incarnate Word. There is no specific type of student that is best, as long as you want to learn, and are willing to volunteer in the community, and you want to live on campus and feel at home this is the best school for you.

Anonymous, Student, University of the Incarnate Word, Class of 2018

The type of student who wants to attend this school should be very comfortable with smaller classes and doesn't mind a more close knit community where plenty of people know each other. This student definitely has to get rid of the fear of not going to the professors when he/she needs help and isn't prideful about being able to do all the work by themselves. Every student who has attended UIW knows that it is a very helpful school to everyone especially to those with disabilities. The ideal type student who attends this school shouldn't be afraid to stay disciplined and have a written schedule already laid out for the student. This is a world class university so this type of student shouldn't be afraid to study each class 2 hours a day. Doing all of these things will the typical UIW student successful.

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