Which 3 extracurricular activities at Shiloh Christian School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Shiloh Christian School, Class of 2016

Northwest Arkansas schools, more specifically Springdale schools, have a high percentage of kids who are on a reduced or free lunch program. When they go to class, the school provides them with at least a meal a day. Once they go on winter break or Thanksgiving break, they more than often come home to a barren pantry and refrigerator. Before Christmas break, S.A.L.T (Student and Leadership Team) assembles snack packs. They consist of basic food groups these kids need. We then deliver them along with encouraging words. It puts a smile on their faces. It saddens me that many kids who live in my community are not getting enough to eat. Cross Church also puts together meals packs for the holidays for underprivileged families. We pack the basics for holidays meals, so anyone who cannot afford it can have a holiday dinner. National Honor Society Council is responsible for the bi-annual blood drives. Giving back is my main reason for volunteering. Blood donation, especially, gives me a chance to help others get what they desperately need. Student Council is the backbone to all of the school’s activities. We are the deciding vote on many things, such as Homecoming and Colors Day dress-up days, organization of family group games, decoration of the Worship Center in Cross Church Springdale for Christmas, and setting up for Graduation. Student Council is important to me because it helps me give back to the school. These activities we plan are fun and important times in the school year.

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