Asked about: Shaw University

What is a typical Shaw University student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Shaw University.


Anonymous, Student, Shaw University, Class of 2018

A typical student at Shaw University is studious, and have a pleasure to be at Shaw University because the professors here are on every student side, they take a lot of their time to help students that are struggling in the classroom about assignments. Students feel happy here because it is an learning environment and we meet new people every day. Students can be in many activities around campus to have a good look on their resume or just to help the university improve on activities for us to have fun or to better our education. As long as students complete their assignments and go to class every day, you will be an typical outgoing student at Shaw University and you can show pride in yourself because the accomplishments that students can do. Shaw University wants students to get good jobs and very professional about what they are doing. I feel very comfortable at Shaw University because I have role-models and goals at Shaw University that I want to accomplished as an student, so in my future I can teach some one else about being an typical student.

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