What is a typical Hoehne High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Hoehne High School.


Anonymous, Student, Hoehne High School, Class of 2016

A typical Hoehne High School student is very relaxed. We are all in a small school. Our school has about 350 students from kindergarten to high school. We are not strangers to each other. In fact, we know a lot about each other. We accept who people are. One time, we had a gay student come out and tell us about his preference. None of us judged him for that. In fact, many of the girls decided that they had to hang out with him because they wanted to be friends with a gay person. At Hoehne, we can be who we want to be and not be judged by it. Bullying is a rare problem, and it is easy to find people who support us if we need it.

I would recommend any type of student to go to Hoehne High School. It's a great little school that accepts anyone. The only type of person I wouldn't recommend going to Hoehne School is one that likes to create drama or the one who is fueled by drama and situations opposite to the one at Hoehne. These type of people might become a little bit bored.

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