Describe the type of student who should not attend University of Nevada-Reno and explain why.



Students who are not willing to take their academics seriously and go out of their way to further their educational experience should not attend the University of Nevada because there are so many opportunities that are offered outside of regular academics to give the students that go to this school a comparative advantage to people that attend other universities. If a student is not willing to seek extra opportunities out side of their regular classes the universities resources would be going to waste, so they should not attend this school.

Anonymous, Student, University of Nevada-Reno, Class of 2015

Introverts could have a hard time attending this school because of how outgoing and sociable everyone is. Along with that, if you don't like sporting or school events then you should probably reconsider schools. If you also don't contain any qualities that a good student has, then college may not be the best option at the moment for that person.

Anonymous, Student, University of Nevada-Reno, Class of 2019

A student that should not attend is one who is not willing to put the work into their classes and not put in effort in their assigned class work when given to them.

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