Describe the type of student who should attend El Camino Community College District. Why?



The type of student that should attend El Camino College is a student who is determined to move on the ladder of higher education and are serious about it. This is the reason because I had a lot of friends who thought they were serious and gave up because they found a job and thought to believe that because they are already making more money than what they were in college it is only right to drop out of college.

Anonymous, Student, El Camino Community College District, Class of 2016

the type of student who enjoys a strong education, someone who's willing to learn from those who lived what you're going through and can relate to the stress and pain of being a college student. Did you know that nearly have of the Journalism department has worked somewhere within the professional news field ?, so they have hands on information about the field you wish to be in. The school is nice and small and the staff is nice, students are nice, the school is built for you to succeed.

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