What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Lamar State College-Orange?


Anonymous, Student, Lamar State College-Orange, Class of 2018

Students at Lamar State College- Orange are crazy about many different activities. One of these activities is Volleyball. Every year we have tournaments and practices where everyone makes a team and plays their heart out. Ping Pong is pretty huge too. We play ping pong during our breaks, lunch time, breakfast, and even before night classes. Every one is pretty good at it! We set up tournaments and try to get the shy kids up and out of their seats. This might not sound like a lot of fun but we study a lot. Studying is a big part of college and what's better than getting a huge group of friends together and making a game out of it. I guess you can say we're nerds.

Anonymous, Student, Lamar State College-Orange, Class of 2016

Our community college is on the side of being a smaller community. So there isn't many fun things to do, but if you are active in a student organization like I am there will always be stuff to do and that is always fun. I belong to a group called TOT ( Teachers of Tomorrow). There are quite a few fun events the school hosts as well such as OctoberFest and getting keynote speakers to come to our Lucther Theater and speak. Lastly the relationships we build being a small college is great and fun. Everyone knows each other and there's always some one there to help.

Anonymous, Student, Lamar State College-Orange, Class of 2015

The top three fun things to do at LSCO include joining clubs along with peers, and playing ping-pong and basketball in the Student Center.

Anonymous, Student, Lamar State College-Orange, Class of 2018

Inside of the awe-inspiring Student Activity Center, there lies the ping pong table that create champions, the weight room that builds living, breathing Supermen, and the basketball courts that construct friendships and leadership skills that will last a lifetime. The ping pong table is set off in its own section of the building. While two legends dual upon the table, they are surrounded by the constant cheers from their fellow classmates. In the hall to the left of the table, there is a door that only a few will step into. It is their sanctuary. Their personal escape. The weight room is the stress reliever from the class work and tests that are placed upon them. It builds character and allows one to be with their own thoughts while doing something they love. In the hall towards the back is the prestigious basketball court. Where two teams scrimmage using the best of their abilities and are forced to use team work to help better one another. These three are key components of having fun and making friends at the beautiful Lamar State College of Orange, Texas.

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