Asked about: Woodrow Wilson

Describe the type of student who should attend Woodrow Wilson. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Woodrow Wilson, Class of 2016

Students who attend Wilson have the goal to graduate high school and go to college. In order to achieve these goals, a Wilson student must be hard-working and determined.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Woodrow Wilson

Students are well prepared and are ready to learn once they go into class. And also student who treat their class mates and teachers with respect

Anonymous, Student, Woodrow Wilson, Class of 2017

A student who is willing to go and learn and is prepared each and every day for what ever obstacle given to them.

Anonymous, Student, Woodrow Wilson, Class of 2016

To be a Woodrow Wilson student is being yourself. Being a student at Wilson is more than a gift, its a privilege. Wilson accepts any kind of student that shows dedication and heart to strive for more. A student at Wilson needs to step up when needed and represent Wilson in a positive way. Wilson is well known for its academics and sports, which a student that is accepted should take highly of. Wilson is not a school that wants specific students to pass, Wilson wants everyone to pass and be ready for the future and what it holds for each student.

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